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A Complete Refinish System



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Product Information​​

A Complete Refinish System

Color. Simplicity. Value.



Introducing Wanda WB Plus.


Wanda's new waterborne and low VOC paint system provides great performance and great value.​​

Low VOC compliance has never been so easy, see the benefits for yourself:

  • excellent color matchingWanda WB group packshot.jpg

  • easy-to-use

  • great quality

  • waterborne basecoat and low VOC ancillaries


Color. Simplicity. Value.

Now low VOC compliance, that's why Wanda is the Color!


Wanda's complete system 


Wanda, a complete, compact car refinish system, presents a simplified approach for mixing ratios of clear, ​primer and color and utilizes a universal hardener. Fewer components are needed, helping in the ease-of-use and reduction of inventory.​


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