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Wanda Is The Color!



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Product Information​​

Wanda Is The Color!

​​Wanda offers a complete range of up-to-date prime and variant colors to match the wide variety of today’s vehicles. Precise color selection is made easy with Wanda color documentation tools — Color Universe, Colormap and Variant Color Decks. New colors are developed as they come out from the car manufacturers and each tool works to help you define the color you need, so you are never left guessing.

Color Universe

AkzoNobel proudly presents Color Universe, the smart swatch system available for the Wanda WB Plus range of products. This new color documention tool will increase your success rate faster and more easily than ever before.

 Color Universe cabinet.jpg

With Color Universe you open the door to:
• a chromatic color system
• thousands of colors
• faster color retrieval
• the best possible color representation
• produced with genuine AkzoNobel Refinish paint
• fewer spray outs



Colormap Fan Decks

Colormap Fan Decks are a practical visual reference guide that contains more than 8,300 chips covering a broad spectrum of colors. It is systematically organized in two volumes, one for solid colors and one for metallic/pearl colors. It can be used to select a color, color combination or to identify a color when no reference is available.


​Toner Chart​

Toner charts are the essential tools in all mixing rooms for any color adjustments. The charts signify the direction of the Wanda colors. The charts are a quick guide for simple and correct use of our documentation of colors in different situations.​​

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